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The decorated papers in the bindings of the Chapter Records and Library of the Cathedral of Toledo.


Los papeles decorados en las encuadernaciones del Archivo y Biblioteca de la Catedral de Toledo.
Antonio Carpallo Bautista y Antonio Vélez Celemín.

Collection Primatialis Ecclesiae Toletanae Memoria, nº 10. 2010
17 x 24 cm - 128 págs.
287 illustrations in color. Paperback.
ISBN: 978-84-937465-8-2
Price: 16,50Euros.

In the bindings deposited in the Chapter Records and Library of the Cathedral of Toledo we find numerous examples of decorated papers realized with different tecniques (xilographic, gilded, paste, splashed and marbled) producing a great diversity of designs as it happens with the group of the marbled papers (drops or stones, swirls, combs, folded Spanish, shell, stormont) what gives us an idea of the importance of this collection of paper that decore, both covers and endleaves, of beautiful artistic bindings. With this study on the decorated papers we try to approach the public in general and the student and investigator, doing a trip for its history, workshops, typology and techniques.


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