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How to order books.

Manager: Antonio Vélez Celemín
Owner: NAYCO, S.A.
Avda. de la Constitución, 26
Móstoles - 28931 - MADRID
Nº vat: ESA28801181




You can make your order:

By phone:

to 627951783 or 918129301.


By the internet:

Copy and paste the following text in a mail program, fill it and send it to


Name and surname:
Shippment address:
Contact phone (optional):

I wish to order:

___ item(s) of the book: El marmoleado, del papel de guardas a la obra de arte.
___ item(s) of the book: Los papeles decorados en las encuadernaciones del archivo y biblioteca de la Catedral de Toledo.

I wish to pay with (sign what you choose):
-Bank transfer
-Visa card, AE, Maestro.
-Others: WesternUnion; Riaenvia.

Next you will receive an answer confirming the availability, a budget, including the postage and packing and explaining how to make the payment. Once it was made, the books will be sent to you to your shippment address.

By ordinary mail :

sending the information of your order to:

Antonio Vélez Celemín
C/ Tilo, nº 2
Sevilla la Nueva / 28609 /Madrid

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